May someone please explain to me what the point of tinder is I don’t get it I only downloaded because some kind told me to and he said I like it I don’t get it it just seems judgemental and mean

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daenerys182 asked: Hey bro are you alright?

yea im fine just classes suck and are stressing me out thanks for asking though!

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after this test im going to take a dab that might or most likely kill me and im going to need it and hate/like it

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Box full of ”Dank Buds”

Anonymous asked: u were my first tumblr crush

thank you

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if it dont shatter it dont matter
tumblr has the shittest pictures of glass quality… wheres all the name brands.. do i need to get that started by posting my collection of glass…?
to bad this kief has a lot of plant matter or else that be amazing

i have so fucking many of these so brace yourselves for real

so uh ^ hook me up
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