I just got some fire crumble

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Anonymous said: What part of nj are you in?

I live by Rutgers unicerosrt in New Brunswick

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All I want to do is find a girl that lives somewhat close to me
In nj and has all the similar interests I do ._.

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Anonymous said: If we dated every morning would start with a wake and bake then morning sex then breakfast in bed. Then we would get up, play video games, and cuddle. We would smoke and watch movies and eat whatever we want all day. At night we would go dancing at our favorite club and get really drunk, only to return home and have crazy drunk and high sex then sleep till noon the next day.

Please why can’t this be real I love all the ideas!

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Anonymous said: tbh if I dated you I'd mostly just want to smoke weed and cuddle and watch netflix .. also tea, and blankies, and sex and probably some pretty decent food. oh and we'd have some deadly playlists too. yup.

You sound perfect, all I want in a paragraph ^

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It sucks when you crave sex in the morning and you are home alone :/

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Anonymous said: how long have you been smoking?

Like 2 2 2 and a had years id say, I started getting better shit a year ago and now I don’t knkw anyone who has better stuff :)

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Someone ask me random stuff about me or what I have been up to I'm wide a wake anon or not Idc just I want to talk to people :D 2 notes / REBLOG

Anonymous said: get married huh? okay, you teach me how to play piano and I'll marry you. fair trade? then there can be naked videogames and high cuddles foreva

Bahaha I was just teasing because that’s ideal, and of course I’ll teach you, I taught myself I feel like I could teach someone then! And that’s a deal! And yes I love that idea 😊

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Anonymous said: I'd be your girlfriend.......

Please :D

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