Whenever I see mutuals being ridiculously horny I don’t even judge I’m just like


same feel wish I could help

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Anonymous said: I'm horny , do you have snapchat?

Yes, austincarpi add me!!!

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Is anyone else really horny or is it just me ._.

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Anonymous said: What's your snapchat?

austincarpi snap me!

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Does anyone have a ps4 and plays Destiny ?!??!

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Anonymous said: What type of MacBook is it

macbook pro 13’ 2011 2.3ghz i5 4gb ram 320gb hard drive perfect condition minus missing period key which replacement cost is very little and will be covered. Erased and reset to factory new also

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Is anyone looking to buy a MacBook pro? My friend is trying to sell his for cheap, only 600 and it’s great condition message if interest and I’ll give you the details

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Eating magical shrooms was the scariest experience of my life

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